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If you are interested in initiating a Quiet Zone in your area, please read the following ‘getting started’ tips:

  • First, have you reached out to any of your neighbors about forming a quiet zone group? If not, this is step one. Get a feel for how much support you’ll have locally. We highly recommend you do this face-to-face as opposed to digitally. Focus on engaging conversation with those in the blast zone.
  • Start a local Facebook group to reach those who support your effort, or to help organize communications and actions for your group — just be sure to have someone ready to administrate to in order to keep the conversation constructive (i.e. troll free).
  • Reach out to your local council member or representative. Find out what level of support is expected on the ground in order for them to effectively make the case for your Quiet Zone. Because they require funding, you will most likely need to move onto the next step of gathering signatures. We’ve seen cases across the country where local reps have really stepped up and helped communities achieve their goals. This is encouraging overall, but don’t give up if your community requires more effort on your part to get the support and funding you need. Ground efforts will make all the difference in the long run!
  • This means gathering door to door signatures from those around you — and don’t sweat anyone with opinions about the horn who aren’t affected. Their support, or lack of it, won’t be helpful. The best way to tackle this is with a group of supportive neighbors who meet every few months to gather signatures and help inform everyone in the neighborhood about quiet zones. Feel free to reference and print our FAQ page if you need help answering questions.